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audio editing

PRS can provide audio editing, audio restoration and mastering for existing sound recordings, radio broadcasts, spoken word projects, audio books, podcasts and webinars.

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We can enhance original recordings by:


Replacing and re-arranging entire spoken word segments and various takes


Removing any unintentional breaks as well as unwanted sentences, words and other umms, ahhs, breaths, coughs etc

Improving Flow

Removing or reinstating silence and gaps for better overall flow

Adding Effects

Including music intros and outros, sound effects and audio inserts


Applying equalisation, noise reduction and dynamics

final mixing and mastering

The final mixing and mastering process can make the recording sound polished and professional.
Simply send us editing instructions with your audio. When the final editing and mastering process has been completed we will deliver the file to you via a Dropbox folder. Generally a four to seven day turnaround time is required for edited content to be completed.  

Send us your unedited audio in any file format from any location for a no-obligation quotation.